69th North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament Directors and Planning Committee

This tournament would not be made possible without the dedication, commitment and hard work of these individuals, along with many volunteers from all the Washington DC volleyball teams, family and friends.


Kevin Lee Tournament Executive Director
Sam Wong Tournament Senior Executive Advisor, Tournament Book Director
Tom Fong Tournament Advisor, Hotel Director, Sponsorship Co-Director
Wally Lee Outdoor Site Planning Advisor and CCBA Liaison
Patrick Chin Tournament Site Planning Director
Victor Chan Sponsorship Co-Director
Kenny Lew Sponsorship Co-Director
Bryant Lee Online Registration and Game Format Director
Johnny Hsiung Indoor Site, Game Format Director, and T-shirt Sales Coordinator
Shang Hsiung Play Site Tournament Co-Director
Wanda Hsiung Play Site Tournament Co-Director
Vadim Rubin Play Site Tournament Co-Director
Arthur Goon Street Logistics Director and Command Center Manager
Penny Lee Communications Director, Volunteer Recruitment & Program book
Michelle Huang Public Relations Director
Corey Yu Equipment and Inventory Coordinator
Garry Goon Master of Ceremony, Equipment Production, Lunch Coordinator
Jason K. Lee Tournament Logistic Manager
Matt Chang Tournament Program Book Assistant
Wenli Yin Tournament Program Book Assistant
Andrew Chin Finance Director
Kelly Chang Banquet Director
Titi Huynh Banquet Coordinator
Raymond Goh Website Director
Terry Oie Website Development
Jason D. Lee Social Events Coordinator
Jeff Yu Social Events Coordinator
Timmy Yu Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator
Teresa Hoang NACIVT Golf Tournament Director
Wilson Lin Volleyball Mall Coordinator/Team photo photographer for program book
Harris Nguyen Team photo photographer for program book
Wylie Wong Tournament Program Book Cover Designer
Matt Stagg Player Bags Coordinator
Tyler Friedshat Trophies

Special Recognitions:

Linda Lee Government & Community Liaison
David King DC Convention Center
Gerald Roper, Jr. Consultant